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The Stories We Tell

The Man tried to keep us down, but we were like 'Fuck the Man' because reasons. So, experience our multimedia projects and you too can stick it to the Man.

Walk through sketch poems as they take you on a journey through San Diego. 

Witness COVID and Climate Change on a bike on an 800-mile journey down the Pacific Coast of the United States. 

Read about the international expedition of National Geographic's Sea to Source team as they voyage up the Ganges River from the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh to the Summit of the Himalayas in India to understand how plastic flows through the river and communities. 

Sketches of San Diego

Our hometown through local eyes.


Sketches of San Diego

see our hometown
through local eyes


800 Miles South

a bike journey through 

covid and climate change 

Oregon Open Road Biking

National Geographic: 
Sea to Source Plastics Expedition

stories from the Ganga on communities and plastic flow

Ganga River View.jpg
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