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Day 18 - Cover - Ririsan under Streetlam

We create stories.

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Suan Tian Ku La is a multimedia storytelling team at the intersection of culture, identity, and the environment.

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We specialize in immersive narratives
that distill complex
scientific and sociocultural ideas.

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Our name comes from the Chinese expression meaning "the flavors of life."

We believe stories give us hope and courage, and help us navigate through our lives. 

Lillygol Sedaghat

Lillygol Sedaghat

Lilly is an oral storyteller and photographer.

As a National Geographic Explorer and Fulbright Fellow, 

Lilly's stories focus on circular economy, plastic waste, and our changing relationship with the physical world.

She is the National Geographic Sustainability Thought Leadership Series Moderator, and has been featured in the National Geographic Magazine three times.

Her passions include ​learning about cultural heritage
and building solutions for climate change.

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Cory Howell Hamada

Cory is a writer and producer.

He is Lead Writer for the Webby-nominated podcast Expedition: Earth and is a 2023 A Public Space Writing Fellow. His stories have also been featured in National Geographic Learning and various media outlets in Japan.

Bilingual in English and Japanese, Cory has worked, published, and hosted workshops in both languages. 


His stories focus on identity, memory, and our relationship to place.

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We partner with impact-driven organizations to create resonant content, from stand-alone articles and videos to full storytelling campaigns and digital immersives.


Learn specific, effective techniques to tell your story in any form. Our workshops include: Telling a Powerful Story, Developing Voice and Style, and Storytelling for Businesses. We tailor sessions to meet group and time needs.


Discover your story and increase your reach.
Together, we'll identify your narrative, sharpen your messaging, and
fit to your preferred medium to inspire your audience.


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