Tastes from the World

The man told us our dreams don't matter. So we said, 'fuck the man.' 

It was always on the fringe of our minds. We both worked office jobs, our time dictated by responsibilities, centered on an eight-hour workday, always ending with a late-night breakdance session fueled by Taiwanese milk teas. 

Then one day, he wrote a book on Google Docs. And I took it and published it. 

Then, we went to Singapore and competed in an international break-dance competition. We got media passes and documented the experience of hundreds of dancers from around the world in one heated event for a global hip-hop blog.

Then I went to South Asia on a National Geographic Expedition to understand how plastic flows from river communities into the Ganges River, and he took all five notebooks of material, hours of audio interviews, and we put together over 40 blog posts about the whole experience. 

We then realized that we had something to share with others, something with a distinct flavor and style. From portraits of people to infographics on plastics recycling, from stories on sustainability to live video documenting our 800-mile bike trip, we create things that speak to the human journey.

Here's a list of what we've created together, for you and for the planet.

sketches of
san diego

our hometown
through local eyes

Sketches of San Diego

800-miles south

a multimedia 
bike journey through 

covid and climate change 

Oregon Open Road Biking

National Geographic: 
sea to source plastics expedition

Stories from the Ganga River on communities and plastic flow.

Ganga River View.jpg