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If We Are Willing

Lilly’s been sending me photos of Singapore.

I’m amazed by the colors, the patterns, the way meaning and diversity are built into the streets. The back alleys and buildings reflect the country’s organization, its complexity–a visual answer to questions about life there.

A few days ago, she went on a beach cleanup with friends.

In the early morning light, she found plastic washed to shore, the same patterns among the sand as she did in the city.

Life is closeby, if we’re willing to find it. A short walk, or drive, or train ride away.

A glow of color among the dark, impossible to see unless we step away from ourselves.

Back in the city, the kopi is thick and sweet.

People gather in the cafes and parks to share a cup together.

Or they sit alone, to watch their surroundings, to caffeinate before the day, to read the paper, to become the pulse of the city and its colors.


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